Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 6 - August 9, 2009

As usual the Earthwatch crew wandered into the dining room with sleepy faces looking for an early breakfast. We soon found ourselves bumping around in the old van on our way to the location for that day. We visited four ponds and a small creek out in the middle of nowhere. The landscape we were working in was beautiful. The water we visited today was surrounded by trees and ground made walking difficult because of the sponge-like ground. The creek was new to everyone, even Dr. Cash had never conducted research at this creek so we were really anxious about what we might have caught in the fourteen traps we set. Sadly we did not catch any fish in the traps we set the previous day. The lack of fish was quite the disappointment considering how valuable they are to our research. Today consisted of some long walks between ponds, and many complaints, especially from Joe. Who found it difficult to walk in water-logged waders.
After lunch we were split into teams once more and went to our appropriate places for the afternoon. Two students went back out into the field with Dr. Cash to set more traps for tomorrow. The remaining four students stayed indoors to test water, enter data, and frog log. Taking coffee breaks when needed the afternoon seemed to pass quickly. With nothing planned educationally this evening for the students, they will be spending their time behind a computer, at the puzzle, or upstairs watching a movie. All hoping tonight will grace them with the northern lights.

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