Thursday, August 16, 2012

Emily on the second last day

Aug 2,2012  by Emily
It has been several days to stay here in the secret and wonderful north arctic. The fantastic and beautiful natural scene has left a deep impression on me. I will remember the fantastic polar light, the lovely polar bear, the huge whale and the beautiful seaside sunset forever. However, what made me more unforgettable are the friends I made during this journey, professor Ben Cash is a serious and responsible professor who is full of academic temperament. I learned a lot from him about the natural science. Lee Ann is courteous and accessible and has a wide range of knowledge. I must express my thanks to Paige Harms and Ben Jack who were willing to teach me English with great patience. Also I must say thanks to Willow, Annie and Jack who always helps to translate for me with their good English. Of course, I am very happy to work and play with all the little friends(Philip, John, Evan, Christian, Nolan, Poon, Willow, Annie and Jack) from difficult countries. They are full of vigor, friendship, responsibility and passion. They showed big humor and virtue when they always told me that their Chinese is worse than my English. Thanks to all. It is a big pleasure for me to know all of you. If I have another chance, I will choose to come here again to participate in this program. It is so great. The meaningful ecological experiments help us to know the real nature and love our common home, the earth much more. Finally I want to give my sincere blessing to all of you.

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