Thursday, August 16, 2012

We'll miss you Phil!

Wednesday 1st August 2012
    Today was the day before the last day we stayed in Churchill. As usual, we got up at 7:00 and have breakfast in the canteen at 7:30 then met in the classroom at 8:15. I’ve known that Phil, our assistant of the research, will leave us tomorrow that means today was the last day he stay with us.
     I still remember the first day we met at the hotel, Dr.Ben and Phil came and pick me up. He was a bright young man with a black hat on he head. I swear if he was in china, the girls in my school will be crazy of him! But appearance is not the most important part of his glamour. Hard-working is one of his personal charm. I still remember the day we went out to the beach, he didn’t came with us. It has already been 10:00 when we came back to the camp. But what surprise me is that I found Phil still working alone in the research laboratory. Paige said to Dr.Ben : “ Look at him, his is still working hard!”
    I didn’t work with Phil for many times, but he taught me a lot of things that I can’t learn from the school or from books. He taught me how to catch frogs, how to divide the growing season of frogs. He has told me that he love frogs since he was young he catch frogs, play with frogs. Frogs is his childhood.
All I want to say is: “thank you Phil! We will miss you!”

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