Monday, July 20, 2009

Project Overview

This joint research project (funded by Earthwatch Institute), brings together the Institute, Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) and Maryville College. The research will add important baseline data collection with regards to the wetland habitats of the diverse landscape around Churchill. The multidisciplinary approach to consider water quality and ecology of these wetlands is of vital importance to understanding the capabilities of various species to adapt to changes in the arctic treeline environment. We hope that the students on the team will gain a better understanding of the importance of water quality and ecology and their seasonal fluctuations in these wetland environments. As well, students will learn standard water sampling techniques in the field and lab and standard ecological assessments of habitat. The variety of wildlife and plants encountered in Churchill will provide a learning opportunity for everyone! A captive audience at the CNSC will allow students to discuss their work with many.

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