Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello everybody from the Arctic Ocean

Hello Everybody! Another day in the wetlands! The weather was beautiful and mostly bug & rain free, so we were able to do our usual 6 ponds today. We stood in the Arctic Ocean briefly after we finished the first wetland. After the third wetland, we spotted a polar bear in the distance on the way back to CNSC. He was really far away, but we managed to get some pretty decent pics for proof.

Another highlight of the day was a trip to town for ice cream. We had just finished our last wet land so we had to walk in the ice cream shop with all our mudding gear on. We didn’t explain ourselves though; we just left the young lady working there kind of confused. I got blueberry ice cream; it was the best! Today we also had a major and devastating causality out in one of the ponds. It was supposedly a freak incident that led to a tragic and fatal ending. At least that’s what Carolyn claims, but no one knows for sure. For all I know, I could be staying here with some mass murderer. Rocky was his name and swimming was his game. He lived a short and ironic life. R.I.P little tadpole.... Carolyn says she’s sorry!

Later in the evening we had a very interesting lecture about the Semi-Palmated Plover bird from a researcher here at NCSC named Anne Corckery. She tracts/studies these birds to figure out if climate change is affecting the peak insect bio mass in the tundra, which is the major food source for this bird, and if the affects in the peak insect bio mass are affecting the growth/life of the Semi Palmate Plover. Complicted? – yes. From her short talk about her research, we could tell that her job is hard work and requires endless amounts of dedication and creativity.

We also have another lecture tonight after our lab work. Leeann will be giving us a talk about Climate Change and it’s affects in the arctic tundra. I’m really looking forward to this, and believe many others are too. I simply want to know the truth. When you live down in Texas, and are looking for the latest news about global warming, all your information comes through the media, which can’t be trusted and is usually complete bogus. But since I’m up here in Canada, surrounded by the arctic tundra, in polar bear country, if anyone has accurate information about climate change it’s these people. Stay tuned to hear how it goes!


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