Sunday, July 29, 2012

Frogs and more frogs

                After the second day of working today, everyone was in the groove of things. We got to the first worksite in the morning and started working right away. There were still a few questions that needed to be asked because everyone was doing something new again, but we put those out of the way at the beginning and started to work. We were able to go to twice as many worksites (4) as yesterday because we were all working so smoothly, and partly because yesterday we had to move because of polar bears. I was personally catching frogs at all of the work sites. This might seem pointless to you, but we would take these frogs and extract blood from them. With this blood, we take them back in the afternoon to the lab and extract the plasma from the blood to look at the stress levels of the frogs when they are caught. We look at the difference between 5 minutes after being caught and 25 minutes to see how much more stressed out the frogs are. So far we are all having a great time!


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