Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Big Earthwatch quiz!

7.28.2012 - by Nolan

Today was yet another day at Earthwatch! We woke up to the sound of our alarms, and the sun already risen (as of many hours before). Breakfast was bacon and eggs and lots of coffee, and then we were off into the field. Today, instead of heading towards the bay as we had done in previous days, we headed south, towards Twin Lakes, to retrieve our data. The fish team found nothing (or almost nothing) and Phil forgot his equipment and could not collect any frog blood samples. Unfortunately for him, we caught two big ones that he almost certainly could have used in his project. We also saw a number of chorus frogs! They are big and green, and certainly don’t look like they belong in the Arctic. Lunch was leftovers (again), and the afternoon labwork was long, if not overly difficult. The frog team had a lot to do, and was out in the field until 6:15. The weather was nice, but the bugs were not, and we were all happy to come back inside and escape the clouds of black flies that had swarmed and attacked anyone who set foot outside the center. Dinner was cheesy potatoes and ravioli (and of course, leftovers). After dinner we all sat down and took the Big Earthwatch Quiz (created by, and, in his best gameshow host voice, run by Big Ben). Questions ranged from arctic biome trivia to fun facts about scientists and facilitators, as well as geography, Canadian history, and general awesomeness. Jack, Nolan and Emily won with 56 out of 70 possible points earned. Pretty cool. The sunset was gorgeous (and not until almost 10:50!) The days are very long in the arctic...

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