Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello internet, Ego sum Phil and today I write to thee about the events of July 26th 2012.

Being an English scholar hailing from merry old Albion my “creative twist” shall come in the form of unnecessary grandiloquence. The day began as usual with us, the Earthwatch lemmings, being herded into breakfast and briefings by our benevolent staff overlords. The excitement in the air was palpable as we were told our respective duties for the day and with that a stampede occurred as we rushed to don our waders and equipment. Our research sites were in relative proximity to CNSC but still allowed for us to bask in the bombastic beauty of Churchill’s surroundings which served only to exacerbate the mood. Leaping off the bus we trotted along to the relevant ponds and to our surprise and delight the mosquito Gods were mercifully absent. After brief but fulfilling demonstrations from our magnanimous masters we began our days work. Divided into several groups we checked fish traps, caught frogs, checked water quality and gathered physical data from the tundra, all whilst attempting not to cascade into the murky depths of the pond. With work under way the mood was amiable but we were soon deviated from our diligence by the emergence of a Polar bear and as per the safety protocols set by Earthwatch we took refuge in our vehicles. A concupiscent desire to observe said Polar bear swept over us and the day soon turned into a Polar bear spotting exercise with only glimpses of the beast being seen. In the end our efforts were in vain and we returned to the safety of the CNSC building. At that point our hopes came to fruition as Professor Pounds/ Cash money/ Dr Dollar signs/ C money told us the intrepid bear had stalked us back and was now roaming the grounds intent on murder being friendly. With the afternoon’s dramatics over, science loomed its nerdy head and we began our lab work which consisted of meticulous measuring and data handling. Our brutal efficiency and natural talent was indicative from the start and axiomatically lead us to a hasty finish. And thus I am free to serenade you with the eloquence of the English.

This is a haiku
We went to a pond today

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